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The following are quotes from actual Conforti Physical Therapy and Fitness Center patients:

"I was recommended to see Jeff Conforti by a friend when I needed physical therapy for a knee problem I was having several months after surgery. He evaluated my knee and then reviewed his findings and the various treatment choices available. He developed and individualized program to fit my needs."

"I recovered and was able to resume playing tennis, which I thought I would never be able to do. I have since recommended friends and family to Conforti Physical Therapy. I have also received treatment for back and hip pain that has been a problem for several years. I no longer have hip or back pain, and I am able to maintain the present level of activity and function by working in their wellness program. I would highly recommend Conforti Physical Therapy to anyone who is experiencing pain or difficulties with their muscles or joints."

"My doctor recommended physical therapy, specifically Conforti Physical Therapy, for treatment of chronic headaces and neck pain I experienced following a motor vehicle accident. I doubted that physical therapy would help me. How I know I was terribly wrong and that physical therapy works. I no longer have headaches and my neck feels wonderful."

"The program they developed for me, which included stretching (myofascial release) and specific exercises to restore the normal mobility, posture and movements of my neck, has been very helpful and beneficial. Furthermore, I am entering their wellness program to maintain the gains that I have made. Overall I was very satisfied with my experience at Conforti Physical Therapy"

"This was the third physical therapy center I attended. The other two were not as thorough, with no follow-up treatment. There is a constant follow-up by the personnel here. The atmosphere is friendly and always helpful. I am completely satisfied with everything I have experienced here. I have recommended this therapy to friends and other persons. All who have come and are really pleased."

"I am very pleased with my experience here. My condition improved remarkably quickly and I feel better overall. Everyone on staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I have and will continue to recommend this facility."