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"I began with Conforti in 2016, receiving Physical Therapy for an injury. My treatment was spot on and effectively alleviated my problem. I’ve since stayed on in the Wellness Program and my general fitness and conditioning are much the better for it. I attend solely at the Mechanicsburg location. The staff exhibit the highest levels of professionalism in their knowledge and skill working with people. The front office staff also are very friendly, helpful, and skilled at resolving the administration issues of insurance and doctors. All in all my experiences have all been completely positive."
Mar 07, 2019
"At least 10 years ago my primary physician suggested physical therapy would be the next best step for a problem I'd been having and referred me to Conforti Physical Therapy I've been exceedingly grateful ever since for the excellent professional care of Jeff and his top rate and friendly staff, first in Lemoyne and now in Mechanicsburg since moving to Bethany Village. Whether it's been an issue with my back, my balance, my left or right rotator cuff, or my mobility, I've appreciated the ease with which I've been able to transition between Physical Therapy and Wellness (regular workouts) to keep this 81 year old body as fit as possible. Thanks to the warmth and care of the professional staff, especially Chris and Kim, and of Cindy and Ann at the front desk, it's always a pleasure to be there. I take every opportunity to sing the praises of Conforti. Margee K, Mechanicsburg"
Feb 26, 2019
"Based on my brother-in-laws recommendation I started with Conforti PT over 8 yrs ago. Dr Conforti spent over 2 hrs with me in the initial consultation evaluating my 3 spinal problems. He designed a therapy program which transitioned into a wellness routine 6 weeks later that has been enhanced over the intervening 8 years. As a result I feel more fit now than I was 47 yrs earlier after completing Army basic training at the age of 22. I have had discussions with other patients including medical personnel & surgeons who have praised Dr Conforti's diagnostic skills as well as his abilities in crafting remedial routines for virtually any physical problem or challenge. Dr Conforti is usually in the exercise area available for discussion unless working with a new client, always reinforcing the fact that the client is responsible for the hard work leading to improvement. He has surrounded himself with a caring, considerate cadre of personnel who enhance the Conforti experience by providing the highest service levels possible underscoring the client as the top priority. "
Feb 23, 2019
"Just had a knee replacement, this was my 4th time to need PT and because of positive outcomes with other injuries it was a no-brainer to use Conforti Physical Therapy. I am glad I did because of the early issues that I ran into recuperating my knee. Jeff not only worked with me to get my range of motion and strength back but he also provided positive reinforcement as I struggled to rehab my knee. His practice uses a personal approach to all of their patients which is very important since we all heal differently. I would recommend Conforti Physical Therapy for any rehabilitation that you might need, especially if you are an active person."
Feb 17, 2019
"I was referred to Conforti PT from a personal friend who had a very positive experience there and great outcome after his shoulder surgery. I started PT at Conforti in Mechanicsburg about 6 days post surgical repair of my rotator cuff (for full tear of my shoulder tendon.) and recently completed rehabilitation there 2-3 days/wk. for almost 4 months. I am extremely pleased with my results; both with range of motion and strength. I was impressed with the professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and accommodating staff. Chris (PT) and Kim (PTA) are very caring and take personal interest in their clients. They both diligently followed my surgeon's protocol, setting up the proper exercises for me, and progressing accordingly. I TRULY APPRECIATED THEIR ATTENTIVENESS, SPENDING DIRECT TIME WITH EACH CLIENT. The gals in the front office are also great and will answer any questions, help with insurance and billing, accommodate your schedule for appointments, etc. Overall, if you are looking for a clean, friendly, motivating, caring, and professional PT environment, then Conforti is the place for you! "
Feb 13, 2019
"I started PT at Conforti's at the recommendation of my Primary Care Physician after being diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I found Jeff, and all the staff, to be knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly. When my PT was completed, I joined the Wellness Program and have been very happy with the routines Craig has set up for me. I feel stronger and in better shape and I look forward to going and doing my workout's at Conforti's."
Feb 07, 2019
"I was referred to Conforti Physical Therapy from my PCP. I was experiencing pain and weakness in my foot/ankle. I previously had a hip replacement and prior to the replacement, I would put most of my weight on my opposite leg/foot. This action eventually caught up with me and I needed therapy to improve my gait. From the first call to set up the initial appointment my experience has been exceptional. Being treated through physical therapy, and now continuing with their Wellness Program, everyone has been knowledgeable, helpful and provides first-class quality care. All the staff knows you by name and the environment is friendly making you feel comfortable and well cared for. "
Feb 04, 2019
"I was referred to Jeff Conforti for physical therapy because of difficulties with my balance and weaknesses in trunk and legs. I have peripheral neuropathy from Diabetes. The program designed for me by Jeff and his professional staff of therapists and trainers has been a great benefit to me in giving me confidence to walk without fear of falling and allowing me to transition to their “Wellness “ program. I’m able to use the machines for exercises as often as I choose with help always available from Eva, Craig and all the staff. I endorse Conforti Physical Therapy and their individualized plans for whatever therapy is needed. They’ve been a great help to me."
Feb 01, 2019
"My doctor recommended using Conforti PT to address pain in my lower back and left hip. The staff developed a set of exercises that relieved the problem over a period of months of steady work. A second issue I faced was severe arthritis in my right shoulder that would require surgery. Conforti staff helped me develop a program of exercises to improve the strength and flexibility of the joint to prepare for the surgery and as rehabilitation after the replacement operation. After the physical therapy sessions were finished I enrolled in their wellness program and use the facility twice a week to maintain my overall fitness and health. I can always consult the staff for guidance on any issues. It is great having that expertise available. A benefit not available at the typical exercise business. "
Feb 01, 2019
"I've seen Jeff for PT for several issues over the years. Most recently, the staff helped work with a problem shoulder and then eventually prepare for surgery. Since the surgery, I completed the required PT and then transitioned into their wellness program. Conforti Physical Therapy is tops in several areas! They provide individualized attention when I was doing my PT and when it is time for me to "graduate", I seamlessly transitioned into their wellness program, so I could continue to strengthen not just my shoulder but my whole body. Everyone is friendly, knows me by name and I trust them with my health and wellness questions."
Jan 31, 2019
"I have been a patient for over 10 years. Started with neck and head pain which with therapy has gone away long ago. Other ailments since and always had great treatment from the entire staff. I enjoy the staff so much I have been a continual wellness patient from the beginning. Would not go anywhere else. Great people, great treatment, very accommodating."
Jan 30, 2019
"Once I finally decided to replace both my knees I knew I needed to start preparing my worn out legs for the operations. I choose Conforti on a recommendation from an acquaintance and because Mechanicsburg was convenient. After explaining to the PT what I was planning he designed a program which, after four months, was very successful for my first knee replacement in January and the second knee in March. My doctor at Hershey was very impressed at the quick recovery I made because of the preparation program initially designed by folks at Conforti and the followup therapy done there. Because of the friendly and helpful staff at the Mechanicsburg facility I choose to go into their wellness program. It must be a good one because I will have been working out there about three times a week going on ten years now. During that time I have taken a golf exercise course, a water therapy course and, more importantly, successfully replaced a hip. Go to Mechanicsburg. Follow their instructions. Work hard. Get better!"
Jan 29, 2019
"Five years ago back pain was forcing me to retire. I discussed the situation with my general MD and voiced my concern about surgery. I always like to take the most conservative approach first, so, she recommended Conforti Physical Therapy. From the front desk to the physical therapists to the personal trainer, they are top notch. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help in any situation. My personal situation took several months to get under control. I'm an avid golfer so that figured into my back issues. I have been pretty much pain free for five years. One of the best services offered is their wellness program. I can't stress enough the importance of this program. After spending months getting the problem resolved, you cannot just stop the exercises. You can come in as many days a week as you want on your own and use the facilities to maintain your health. The therapists and trainer are there to give you more exercises or help with variations on your current ones. I am starting my 5th year on the wellness program. This has become a family affair. One year ago my wife was having low back pain, with pain radiating down her leg. I suggested physical therapy, and, if it doesn't work, surgery can be done. In just a few weeks she started feeling better and now uses the wellness program 2-3 days a week. This is not a typical gym atmosphere. It is very laid back, no gym "rats" walking around showing their muscles. Just a bunch of people helping you get better and stay better."
Jan 25, 2019
"I was referred to Jeff Conforti by a friend. It was the best referral of my life. From the moment I went through the front door, the staff started to help me, from insurance issues, scheduling, etc. The first three professional women you meet will take all those scary & uncertain thoughts out of your mind. After my first meeting/evaluation with Jeff, I knew for sure I was in the best place for me. I started at Conforti's after a knee replacement. Since then, I've joined the Wellness program. Craig's eval. and continued individualized program is one of the best I have ever had. All of the PTA's at Conforti's are very knowledgeable and caring."
Jan 23, 2019
" Through a regimen of physical therapy, designed five years ago by Jeff Conforti, an excellent diagnostician, I moved beyond constant back and leg pain caused by spinal stenosis to a place of ongoing comfort. After several months of therapy, I entered the Wellness Program in which I am still participating. Three days a week, on my own, I do core strengthening and stretching exercises which contribute to my overall level of good health. Exercising at Conforti Physical Therapy, with an excellent staff, contributes to my daily sense of well-being. I am better physically, mentally, and emotionally when I work out. "
Jan 23, 2019
"I fractured my patella 10 years ago and that is what led me to Conforti Physical Therapy. I had never had a need for physical therapy prior to this injury, so was apprehensive as I began treatment. I was greeted with a very kind, patient , effective and helpful staff who assured me all would be well as I began physical therapy. And indeed I recovered nicely with their guidance. At this point I was offered the option of enrolling in their Wellness program which I chose to do and have continued with it for 10 years. An exercise program was designed for me and it has enabled me to stay active into my 80’s. I cannot say enough about the Importance of therapy and exercise and of the outstanding staff at Conforti Physical Therapy. The folks at the front desk, The therapists, the wellness staff, all are the best! I would highly recommend Conforti Physical Therapy."
Jan 23, 2019
"I wrenched my back twice last winter and could hardly stand, let alone walk, and worst of all, I couldn't pick up my grandchildren! I did 3 months of therapy, and now work on the wellness program 2 - 3 times a week. Conforti has me fully moving again, great range of motion, no pain, and I feel strong. I do housework (boo!), yardwork (yea!), and best of all, carry and play with my grandchildren! Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and quick to help. The wellness program is as thorough as you wish with no pressure, except to do your best."
Jan 23, 2019
"I have been working out under the watchful eyes of the courteous and professional staff at Conforti’s for about 10 years now. I have had both neck and back issues and each malady has been alleviated through the targeted exercises prescribed by Jeff, Craig and Valerie (back expert). If you listen and make the therapeutic exercises part of your life, your pain will decrease or diminish and, depending on your condition, you will not need surgery, as was my case. The gym provides a congenial, family atmosphere where you are under the watchful and knowledgeable eyes of the PT professionals who will be sure your posture and alignment are correct for maximum results. That’s why I have been a regular wellness client- I know I will be doing my exercises correctly! The ladies at the front desk go out of their way to meet your scheduling and insurance needs not to mention greet each and every person with a smile and great customer service. It’s a gym with gentle guidance, geared to alleviating your pain or need (if possible) for surgery."
Jan 18, 2019

The following are quotes from actual Conforti Physical Therapy and Fitness Center patients:

"I was recommended to see Jeff Conforti by a friend when I needed physical therapy for a knee problem I was having several months after surgery. He evaluated my knee and then reviewed his findings and the various treatment choices available. He developed and individualized program to fit my needs."

"I recovered and was able to resume playing tennis, which I thought I would never be able to do. I have since recommended friends and family to Conforti Physical Therapy. I have also received treatment for back and hip pain that has been a problem for several years. I no longer have hip or back pain, and I am able to maintain the present level of activity and function by working in their wellness program. I would highly recommend Conforti Physical Therapy to anyone who is experiencing pain or difficulties with their muscles or joints."

"My doctor recommended physical therapy, specifically Conforti Physical Therapy, for treatment of chronic headaces and neck pain I experienced following a motor vehicle accident. I doubted that physical therapy would help me. How I know I was terribly wrong and that physical therapy works. I no longer have headaches and my neck feels wonderful."

"The program they developed for me, which included stretching (myofascial release) and specific exercises to restore the normal mobility, posture and movements of my neck, has been very helpful and beneficial. Furthermore, I am entering their wellness program to maintain the gains that I have made. Overall I was very satisfied with my experience at Conforti Physical Therapy"

"This was the third physical therapy center I attended. The other two were not as thorough, with no follow-up treatment. There is a constant follow-up by the personnel here. The atmosphere is friendly and always helpful. I am completely satisfied with everything I have experienced here. I have recommended this therapy to friends and other persons. All who have come and are really pleased."

"I am very pleased with my experience here. My condition improved remarkably quickly and I feel better overall. Everyone on staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I have and will continue to recommend this facility."