Patient Success Stories

Introducing: Patient Success Stories

Introducing patient success stories from Conforti Physical Therapy! We want to hear from you and show you how proud we are of your progress from before physical therapy to after. Whether you hae already been discharged or you are on your way there, we would love to hear how you have improved (and help future patient feel all the more better about their choice to seek physical therapy)! Email us at or give us a call at (717) 591-1331 for information!

"I fell backward down our basement stairs (from the top) and ended up with a concussion and three fractures in my scapula. I came to Chris at Conforti to get help recovering with balance, memory and other issues caused by the concussion. When I first started physical therapy, I was in terrible shape. Although I had never had great balance, the concussion had definitely made it worse. Chris worked with me on a variety of activities and exercises that turned things completely around for me."

-Sheldon Jones

"His memory exercises were simple, but spot on for what I needed. And the balance work focused on improving my eye coordination, enhancing my overall stability and taught me balance exercises that will enable me to continue my improvement. Thanks to Chris and others, I now have (after more than six weeks) been approved by my doctors to return to 'normal' activities, including driving. And my memory still shows improvement each day! Thank you Conforti!"

-Sheldon Jones

Are you a current patient at Conforti Physical Therapy and interested in sharing your recovery and improvement? Email us at or give us a call at (717) 591-1331 for information!